Driven to Empower Others to Love the Life They Live.

Valiant means boldly courageous...and we want to inspire people to lead boldly courageous lives. 

Riley’s story:

A Bit of a Rebel

I believe innovation lives in the balanced synthesis of innovation, intuition, and dogged determination. Creating Valiant’s Life-Career Process, was an intuitive process that has been reinforced by people who are top in their fields, research studies, and satisfied users. I’ve always been a hard worker, had a fire in my belly, and felt driven to create innovative solutions that help others succeed. Valiant is my vehicle to do that.

To me, Valiant is an extremely personal venture. I believe that a purpose often finds the person not the other way around. This is how it happened with Valiant. My experience in psychology research, working as a high school teacher, working as a corporate trainer, and even traveling as a scuba instructor, all developed the insight and skills that have helped me craft Valiant. You see, many people would often say I was lucky because I could probably do anything I set my mind to. This isn’t to brag! In fact, this confused the heck out of me. If I could do almost anything, what would I do? I read the popular career books, took different career assessments, and yet I still felt I hadn’t found my perfect career match. It wasn’t until I decided to take a leap of faith and go through Aviatra Accelerators in 2017, instead of accepting an offer from a top ten I/O Psychology PhD program when I realized owning a business was the right fit all along. In my gut, I knew. Even as a kid I always loved to create pretend business ideas and creatively solve problems. So, why didn’t I realize this before? I did. That’s the issue, I knew this was the best fit, but I just didn’t feel ready. For goodness sakes, I felt I needed a PhD to start my business!

This is why my company is called Valiant. Valiant means boldly courageous. It takes courage to pursue the path that will truly make you happy. I realized all other career solutions were missing one essential puzzle piece- They didn’t help people reorient their mindset so they could properly problem solve. To me this is the secret sauce. I want to inspire others to have the guts to be a bit of a rebel, take charge, and live valiantly!

Founded in the Good Ol' Midwest

Valiant is located in the “Queen’s City.” Riley, the founder, grew-up in the Cincinnati/Dayton area. She has always found it important to give back to her local community. Valiant is a socially responsible business, and aims to give back to the Greater Cincinnati community,  so everyone can love the life they live.

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