About Us

Our Vision: To help the 21st century workforce courageously pursue their lives with greater clarity, passion, and success. ​

Our Mission

To help people discover greater purpose, passion, and success in life. 

We believe that if we prepare the next generation for life-career success and help people enjoy their work, we can grow our economy and create a better world. 

When you free enough people of the fears that restrain them, help them understand and develop their unique gifts, and create movement towards passionate goals, an impassioned workforce is created. 

The 21st workforce is changing. We want to be at the forefront of how we think about work and how we prepare people to be successful in life. 

We believe that work is just another part of life. Life is not something reserved for after 5pm, weekends, or retirement. Work is about making your mark on the world.   

Make your life work, in your life’s work.

How we work

We are dedicated to preparing young people for life and career success. Download the free guide to learn more about what we do and our Valiant Life-Career Process Model©. The guide also includes an article that answer our number one most commonly asked question, “How do I find my passion?”

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Servant leaders dedicated to your success.

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