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Valiant’s solutions are for anyone who doesn’t want to trade their happiness or passion for a paycheck. It’s for those who are hungry to uncover their true calling. It’s for high school students who are thinking ahead, college students who are focused on planning a career, and adults who are thinking of making a change. Valiant helps you uncover and craft a unique and fulfilling career path that is built on your motivations, strengths, and needs. 

Valiant Life-Career Process Model©

Our unique model is based on modern day psychology research and input from people top in their fields. Your mindset, unique gifts, and your ability to take the right next steps, are your keys to life-career success. Our career model is the cornerstone of all our offerings.

unique and high impact results

Valiant isn't an assessment or quiz that tells you what to do with your life. According to neuroscience, this isn't how we learn, make decisions, or discover our calling. Valiant's online program and coaching develops the awareness necessary to discover and pursue a fitting career.

30 day satisfaction guarantee

We care about changing lives for the better. It's our mission to help create a happy and productive workforce. If you aren't satisfied, we offer a full refund up to 30 days after purchase. All we ask is for some feedback.

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Valiant Digital Program Only

Most Affordable: Best for a self-motivated go-getter who's on a budget.
$ 175
  • 8 Hours Multimedia
  • Digital Workbook
  • Lifetime Access

Program + Roadmap

Most Popular: Best for those who want a coach to help clarify career options and develop next steps.
$ 250
  • Online Program
  • Career Roadmap
  • 1 Hour Coaching

Program + 3 Months Coaching

Best Value: Best for those who want personalized career coaching that fuels achievement.
$ 500
  • Online Program
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • 3 Hours Coaching

Don't Just Make a Living...Make a Life. Live Valiantly!

Valiant means “boldly courageous.” Has anyone told you, it takes courage for you to identify, pursue, and obtain your dreams and aspirations? Yep, 70% of people are unhappy in their work because they haven’t taken the time to know the answer to this riddle. Why not enjoy your work? You’re going to spend at least 1/3 of your life doing it. 

Valiant isn’t just another career course or assessment designed to take your money! We don’t lock you into a career coffin and then bury you alive. We don’t believe anyone knows better than you what is best for your life. Not parents, not teachers, not standardized tests. Our online program and unique coaching model is built to help you unlock your potential and define what career success means to you.

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