Valiant Career Exploration System

This career-exploration system will help you discover what you want most in life and a career, then give you tools and strategies to achieve it. With this three-part program, you will learn to overcome obstacles holding you back, identify your three keys to a happy career, and take first steps toward a career that you will enjoy.


Is This For You?

Do you draw a blank when you ask yourself, “What am I going to do with my life?”

Are you having trouble selecting a career path?

Are you stuck feeling like there is “something more”?

Have you tried assessments and searched for answers online, only to be left feeling more uncertain?

What's Included:

Valiant career exploration system

With this three-part program, you will learn to overcome any obstacles holding you back, identify your three keys to a happy career, and take first steps toward a career that you enjoy.

45 min. coaching session

You get a 45 minute coaching session and access to emailing a coach for up to three months.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied, we offer a refund up to 30 days after purchase.

How it helps you get unstuck:

Gets you clear on your unique gifts, motivators, and workplace needs so you can pick the right job, not just a job.

Helps you identify and overcome mental barriers that are blocking you from achieving what you really want.

Creates momentum by helping you evaluate your career options and take steps forward.

Gives you tips on how to negotiate salary, start a business, and more.

Success Stories:


It’s all up to you! You get instant access and you decide where you want to start and finish. It’s self-guided.

Back in 2015, Riley O’Grady, Valiant’s Founder, graduated from college and was faced with the terrifying question. What the heck was she going to do with her life? After taking career assessments, reading books, sifting through articles online, and seeking advice, she still felt stuck. She felt like she found an okay fitting job that paid well but she wasn’t totally happy. This was created because you might be experiencing the same thing.

As one of our users put it, “It’s like a retreat for your mind so you can have the headspace to think about what you want most in life. It’s like an interactive and beautifully designed ebook with multimedia.” 

The nitty gritty: This career-exploration course will help you discover what you want most in life and a career, then give you the proven tools and strategies to achieve it. With this three-part program, you will learn to overcome any obstacles holding you back, identify your three keys to a happy career, and take the first steps toward a career that you enjoy. This in-depth program includes a digital workbook and online course.

Here are just a few examples of how this online system diverges from popular advice: 

1. If you are confused about what to do with your life you probably just need to take a personality or career test to identify what fits.

FALSE: Many people have a general understanding of what their personality and strengths are. These tests are limiting and don’t help you truly figure out the question you are trying to answer: How can I live out the truest and highest expression of myself? This system takes it multiple steps further than an assessment by helping you develop your unique path as an individual.

2. Just follow your passion!

FALSE: What the heck does this even mean? What if you don’t have a passion outside of watching YouTube? Valiant debunks this mysterious thing called passion and takes a different perspective on this frustrating statement.

3. You will just figure it out with time so stop worrying.

FALSE: These people are nuts and probably still don’t know what they want to do with their lives. Time’s a-wastin’! The only reason they are slightly correct is that eventually, some people figure out what they want to do. How do they figure this out with time? They took charge and actively worked to figure things out. So many adults hate their work. Don’t be one of those people…you deserve a fun and impactful path in life.

  1. It’s made for the 21st Century workforce. Did you know that almost all career assessments were created before the 21st Century? Why do we keep using 20th Century tools to solve 21st Century problems? No wonder people keep spinning their wheels and never feel like they can find a purposeful path.
  2. We kept the good stuff and ditched the rest.  We kept the importance of assessing personality, skills, and values. We ditched the worn out belief systems, anything shallow or limiting, and overall anything that did not fit the workforce of today.
  3. We gave our e-learning course a heart and a lot of depth. Have you ever taken a career assessment or tool and felt it was cold and calculated? Were you ever left feeling disappointed and like it wasn’t getting to the bottom of the problem? To give you a metaphor, the current assessments and tools get you a spot at the beach or maybe a surface swim out in the swim area. You can’t figure out what you want to do in life by looking at it from the wrong vantage point. People need to put on their scuba tanks and dive in to explore the depths of themselves, what they want in life, and what purpose resonates with them. This program, flips the exploration process on it’s head, helps people ask better questions, looks at the deeper impact of purpose, beliefs, and mindset on success, and ultimately gives them tools to find and secure there new found life direction.
  4. It’s fun to use and engaging. It was created with Articulate which is also trusted by 78,000+ businesses, 19 out of 20 top universities, and is a well trust and robust e-learning software. You can think of it like an interactive ebook. It has videos, photos, interactive content, and a downloadable workbook.
  5. We are teaching people how to fish. The easy to follow step-by-step process will help you learn how to properly go through the exploration process alone, with the help of friends and family, or with the help of professionals.

This is not only a quick fix, it’s a life fix. One of the first things a career counselor from the University of Cincinnati asked was if this was a quick fix and that students want a quick fix. The truth is that it is a quick fix because it really doesn’t take long to complete and what actually makes it ‘quick’ is that it gets to the bottom of things. People aren’t wasting their time and instead get the answers they need. It’s also a life fix because it’s aimed at helping people live out the greatest and highest expression of themselves.

Knock your socks off! Seriously, there are career tests and a huge amount of resources online at your fingertips. This is the problem though, where do you start? Why is it that much of what is currently available only addresses surface level questions? Why have you had these resources but not made any progress towards answering these questions? In our opinion, this is because most approaches and thought processes have lead you down the wrong road and caused you to ask the wrong questions. If you are asking the same question to yourself without getting an answer it is probably because it’s not the right question. We can help you answer the right questions and feel like you have a direction. 

It’s not our goal to take your money if we can’t help you but we are pretty sure we can! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Show us you completed all the sections, assessments, and self-inventories and we will refund you up to the 30 day mark. We want people who are growth oriented and looking to discover how to unlock their full potential. If this is you then you will love our course.  

If you want to talk to a human about your questions or concerns prior to purchase you reach out to us via our contact page.

WARNING: This might cause a sense of clarity that might make you upset it took you this long to figure things out. You might also have an urge to change directions in life, start your own business, or make other awesome life changes that could disturb the negative people in your life. Other symptoms include positive mood change, a sense of direction, or a sense of relief. If you experience any of these signs or symptoms you are encouraged to NOT seek medical attention and instead spread the word. 

Valiant Career Exploration System

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