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Meet The Founder

Riley O'Grady

I believe innovation lives in the balanced synthesis of creativity, intuition, and dogged determination. I’ve always been a hard worker, had a fire in my belly, and felt driven to create innovative solutions that help others succeed. Valiant is my vehicle to do that.

To me, Valiant is an extremely personal venture. I believe that a purpose often finds the person not the other way around. My experience as a psychology researcher, AP Psychology teacher, corporate trainer, career coach, and even traveling as a scuba instructor, all developed the insight and skills that have helped me develop Valiant into the organization it is today. 

Valiant means boldly courageous. It takes courage to create a life you love. I want to inspire others to have the guts to be a bit of a rebel, take charge, and live valiantly!

Find me on LinkedIn HERE. Schedule a time to talk with me HERE.

Our Advisory Board:

Hank Bias

educator and coach

Educator, coach, and previous mentee of coach John Wooden who is on a mission to transform the leaders of tomorrow. 

Steve Martin

Corporate educator

Experienced Vice President Organizational Development focused on helping individuals and corporations align with a deeper purpose. 

Carlin Stamm

retired executive

Retired executive with over 30 years of senior and executive level corporate management experience dedicated to supporting innovative organizations.

Dr. Dennis O'Grady

Clinical psychologist

Psychologist on a mission to create new insights for clients and corporations through the Talk2Me© Communication System.

Rebecca Volpe

Business Consultant

A business development change agent empowering local organizations in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area. 

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