Workforce development

We solve complex workforce issues with innovative solutions so we can create a thriving workforce of tomorrow. 87 million people in the US are currently disengaged at work. Let’s work together to decrease that number one person at a time and prepare people to live more successful lives. This is why we go beyond the confines of college and career prep and are dedicated to what we call “life-prep.” All aspects of life foster a happy and engaged workforce. Together we can prepare people for life success. 

What We Offer:

Organizational Partnerships

Partnerships and projects that build a stronger workforce.

Social Emotional Learning

Develop interpersonal skills, EQ, and leadership potential in young people.

Consulting & Program Development

Workforce readiness and "life-prep" initiatives that fuel success.

Featured Projects:

Talbert House

In March 2019, Valiant partnered with Talbert House to educate 21 teens via a multimodal learning experience. We combined group training, one-on-one coaching, and our e-learning program to foster career insight. Check out the SWORWIB podcast- Episode 17. 

YMCA Achievers

In June 2019, Valiant partnered with YMCA Achievers to teach Lockland High School students about teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills. 

Life-Skills development

In 2018, Valiant did a pilot program with Butler Technology and Simon Kenton High School called iLEAD to evaluate the needs of schools and how life-skills and career readiness can improve outcomes for young people.

Young Achievers

As an official partner of the Cincinnati YMCA, Valiant conducts social-emotional learning and career readiness enrichment programming at three schools: Batavia Elementary, Williamsburg Elementary, and Felicity-Franklin High School. 

SWORWIB Partnership

In March 2020, a PNC Grant was awarded to Valiant and the SWORWIB to conduct a multimodal career readiness initiative that combines career coaching, training, and online learning. 

Career coaching

In partnership with CCMEP and Talbert House, Valiant provides career coaching and career readiness online learning to help young people navigate “what’s next.” Valiant also partners with other organizations to provide career coaching to teens and adults. 

Thoughts from previous projects:

This program is the best for youth 14-24 years old. They offer so many opportunities for youth.

Talbert House Teen Customer, March 2019 Program

It helped me learn who I really am as a person and prepare for my future.

Butler Technology Student, iLEAD Program

Be a part of our revolution to rethink how we help people succeed in life. That’s why we believe in “life-prep” not just “college & career prep.” We want to work with schools and organizations, like yours, so the people you serve can thrive in all aspects of their lives. Let’s make that happen!

Riley O'Grady, Valiant CEO

Let's Tackle Workforce Issues Together.

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